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Got my PASS letter in the mail yesterday. This is a quick note to say that without taking Thaddeus online seminars I do not think I would have passed. I watched all of them (+/-35 hours) intently taking notes and replaying segments that didn't "stick". This is not a program you can just let play in the?background while you work or jog or clean the house. They are intense but absolutely critical.

You made structures easy to understand and actually FUN. I love your teaching methods, especially your "toys", as you called them, brilliant and?absolutely wonderful.

While in one of the sessions you stated that the study course was by no means a "silver bullet", I was extremely equipped.?? I was stressed with all of the specifics rooted in Kaplan regarding earthquakes and the myriad of formulas........?? You from day one took a holistic view of each structural impact "topic" may have on a structure.??That was my silver bullet.

Somehow, I don't know exactly how, watching the @yourpace videos changed the way I thought about structural systems. Anything I read after the seminars actually made sense and it was easy to remember. I highly recommend them to anyone who is completely lost. ?It was amazing! Best decision ever.

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